Flexibility and versatility

This is our way of presenting your labels to the market. Today it’s undeniable that a label is both a product’s visiting card to the end-user and a factor adding value to its packaging. It has to be both a source of information on the product’s content, for inserting barcodes and other track-and-trace and authentication devices, as well as promotion and decoration according its marketing/business strategies. For this, the practicality and versatility of being self-adhesive, given the evolution and diversification of packaging in time, represents a valuable instrument for the product’s development and the way it communicates on the market. Our self-adhesive labels have always shown themselves to be ideal and innovative partners in time for their offer of incomparable flexibility.
Today, with over 45 years of experience in the self-adhesive labels sector, expert knowledge of the various productive procedures, areas of application and technological opportunities not to mention the legislative and physical restrictions on packaging materials, ARTES is able to offer an increasingly incisive, wide-ranged and diversified production.